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Chattanooga Legend XT Combo Unit- 2 Channel Stim with Ultra Sound

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Chattanooga Legend XT Combo - 2 Channel/4 pads with Ultrasound

Chattanooga Legend XT is an Exceptional Therapy System!


  • Modular Design
  • Patient Data Cards
  • Pain Profiles
  • User Defined Protocols

The new Chattanooga Legend XT is a clean modular design available in 2 or 4 channel electrotherapy or combination electrotherapy ultrasound systems. The modular design of the Chattanooga Legend XT means the clinician can select a 2 channel system now and add 2 more channels later without significant cost.

Chattanooga Legend XT Features:

  • Multiple Waveforms: Interferential, Premodulated, Russian and High Volt, Symetrical Biphasic and Microcurrent
  • Patient documentation allows clinician to capture and record accurate patient information through several programs
  • Complete session parameters can be stored on Patient Data Cards
  • Built-in card reader designed to hold patient data cards that document patient therapy and treatment outcomes
  • Customize any waveform to your specific needs and organizes user protocols alphabetically by name for easy recall

  • Comprehensive patient pain profiles are recorder with a VAS (Visual Analog Scale), Numeric Pain Index, and Pain Map Profile for each patient
  • Electrode placement diagrams can be created for each patient to improve consistency of care

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