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New Table Warranty



Most  MFG's provides a ONE Year limited warranty when you purchase your New Table. The MFG guarantees that for a period of one year, your table will be free of defects in parts and workmanship. For twelve months, if, in normal use, a part is found to be defective or breaks; the MFG will replace the part at their option. This DOES NOT cover broken parts caused by MISUSE or damage from a patient being overweight. If a part is found to be defective during the One Year warranty period; the MFG will replace the part. Any UPS or freight charges will be the responsibility of the product owner.

The MFG's DO NOT have a labor warranty for part installation or repair. This applies to BOTH international and USA table sales. If there is a need for ANY replacement or warranty part; the customer will pay the inbound shipping cost. In the event the MFG requires the part to be returned; the customer will also pay any return shipping cost. There are NO MFG’s that cover labor warranty!

The exception to the one-year limited warranty is upholstery, which does not carry any warranty. 


Product Billing for will show on your Credit Card as Billing As "Chiro City LLC"