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Erchonia Adjustor

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Erchonia Adjustor

The Erchonia Adjustor is for chiropractors looking to provide patients with the ultimate adjustment technology. The Erchonia Adjustor pulse adjusting instrument is a handheld mechanical adjustment device and is sent complete with no assembly required. The Erchonia Variable Chiropractic Adjustor is portable and self-contained unit. The Erchonia Adjustor tips that are available include Two yoke Adjustor tips, one large Lumbar Tip, one small Cervical Tip, one single Atlas Vertebra tip and one ball head Individual Vertebra tip. Each of Chirocitys Erchonia Variable Adjustor package is subjected to a thorough Quality Assurance inspection in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality product available.

Erchonia Charges a Flat $45.00 Shipping rate 

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    Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package

    Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package

    Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package  This Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package includes : One Erchonia Adjustor Gun  The Erchonia Adjustor tips that are included in this Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package are: Erchonia...
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    Regular $1,699.00
    Sale $1,399.00
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