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Erchonia Adjustor vs. Impac Arthrostim

Erchonia Adjustor vs. Impac Arthrostim

Jul 13th 2024

Erchonia Adjustor vs. Impac Arthrostim

The Impac Arthrostim has a $300.00 OPTIONAL cooling fan you will need to cool the instrument!  Versus the Erchonia Adjustor is simply designed to evenly and efficiently displace heat without the need of a fan so you can save that $300!  

The Impac Arthrostim Only operates at 12-14 beats per second . Versus The Erchonia Variable Pulse Adjuster offers the Chiropractor the option of selecting a “constant” or “pulse” wave technology. The Erchonia Pulse Adjustment Devices frequency can range between One to Thirteen Pulses Per Second. Plus the Erchonia Adjustor is a spring loaded instrument which lends itself to smoother functioning and more effective treatments.

The Erchonia Variable Pulse Adjuster is the clear winner here again .

Erchonia's  unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards has resulted in quite a reputation over the years, so you can expect nothing but the best in design and manufacturing.

The Erchonia Adjustor Deluxe Package is Now on sale for $1399.00

The Erchonia Adjustor and Erchonia Percussor Package is Now on sale for $2899.00

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