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Used Omni Tables

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Used Omni Tables


Here in this category of the Chirocity Website, You will find every version of Used Omni Elevation Tables ever made. Omni tables are known for being the "workhorse" of tables in the chiropractic industry. Even though these are used Omni tables, you can put your mind at ease knowing that all of our Used Omni Tables are 100% refurbished. 


If you have any questions about our used Omni tables, give us a call at (256)-245-8390.



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  • SALE
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    Refurbished Omni Elevation Table 22"- 34" Height

     Refurbished Omni Elevation Table     This Refurbished Omni Elevation Table is 100 % Refurbished and Ready for Ship     This Omni Elevation Table Includes the following: Refurbished...
    MFG Price $8,999.00
    Regular $6,999.00
    Sale $5,499.00
  • SALE
    Looking for a Used Omni Table, Used Omni Chiropractic Tables, Omni elevation adjusting Table, Used Omni Table for sale, chiropractic tables for sale used?

    Used Omni Elevation Charcoal Gray

    Refurbished Omni Elevation Table    Charcoal Gray Top with Smoke Gray Base   Includes Manual Foot Cocking Deluxe Cervical, Dorsal, Lumbar & Pelvic Drop  Single Elevation Pedal Height available in 20" to 32"...
    MFG Price $8,999.00
    Regular $6,299.00
    Sale $5,999.00

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