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Used Leander Tables

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Used Leander Tables



At we understand that creating an excellent patient experience is of utmost importance to building your practice, and our used Leander tables are 100% completely refurbished with you and your patient's comfort in mind. Unlike many refurbished Leander chiropractic tables, we make sure our refurbished tables are in the same working condition as a new one.

Our reburbished Leander tables can help you protect one of your practice's most important assets: your own back health. Most chiropractors can feel stress in their own backs while leaning over a patient to give a thoracic adjustment, lumbar adjustment, or anterior thoracic adjustment. If not performed properly with a properly functioning table these repeated movements can create back problems for the chiropractor. 

Refurbished Chiropractic tables should be in the same working condition as a new table to allow the doctor to easily perform the techniques they need to get their patients back to better health. And with a 100% completely refurbished table from that is exactly what you will get for a fraction of the cost of a new table.


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