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Erchonia Percussor Sale Package

Posted by "Jay The Table Guy" on Jul 9th 2024

Erchonia Percussor Sale Package

The Erchonia Percussor Sale Package is a hand-held mechanical adjustment device that is supplied complete - with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. This Erchonia Percussor Sale Package is a portable, self-contained unit, designed for ease of use with a unique "Galvanic Wave" action head that provides comfort to the patient receiving percussion as well as more control to the Doctor providing the treatment.

The Erchonia Percussor variable speed feature offers the practitioner the control to change speeds to the desired output giving the highest degree of control. Each Variable Percussor package is subjected to a thorough Quality Assurance inspection in order to ensure the highest quality product that can be made.

The handheld Erchonia Percussor Massager is on Sale dimensions are  7.5" height, 5" length, and 2.5" width, offers inherent flexibility. The control box's dimensions are 1.75" height, 5.75" length, and 5.5 in width. The Variable Percussor package is made up of the following equipment items: Two attachment heads, flat pad and cone head, Power cord. Optional Attachments: Flat Roller, Spinal Roller

Erchonia Percussor Instrument Price Links are below

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