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Z Tek Nerve Stimulator - 2 pad unit

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Z Tek Nerve Stimulator F4
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Z Tek Nerve Stimulator - 2 pad unit

Z TEK™ is intended to be used by clinicians in symptomatic relief of chronic, intractable pain. Also for post traumatic and post surgical pain relief. Z Tek is the number one choice for pain management

  • Z TEK is safe and effective.
  • Z TEK can increase range of motion.
  • Z TEK is one of the most powerful portable stimulators on the market today.
  • Z TEK is very simple to use for physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and home care.
  • Z TEK is less expensive compared to other devices that try to achieve the same effectiveness.
  • Performance characteristics of Z TEK have been shown through clinical experimentation to relieve pain in a significant number of patients in a wide variety of pain states.
  • Z TEK may succeed where other types of treatment have been unsuccessful.
  • Patients that use Z TEK avoid the risk of possible adverse effects of different drug therapies and the uncomfortable, and sometimes crippling, over-medicated effect is avoided.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A..

    Technical Specifications



    Pulse Width:

    3.5 milliseconds

    Wave Form:

    bi-polar asymmetrical exponentially decaying impulse pulse


    20V (peak)


    40ma (peak)


    55Hz (max)

    Charge per phase:

    60 microcoulombs

    Charge density per pulse:

    2.325 microcoulombs

    Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty

    This equipment is sold under an exclusive one (1) year warranty from date of sale, which warrants it to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

    We agree to repair or replace at the point of manufacture, without charge, all parts showing such defects, provided the unit is delivered to us, intact for

     our examination, with all transportation charges prepaid to our factory, within one (1) year from date of sale, and provided such examination discloses in our

     final judgment, that it is thus defective. This warranty does not apply if the equipment has been subject to misuse, neglect, accidents,

     incorrect wiring (not our own), improper installation, or put to use in violation of instructions furnished by us; if the equipment has been repaired or

     altered outside our factory; if the equipment has had its serial  number altered or removed.


    The Federal law restricts this device to sale by, or on the order of a physician or any other practitioner, licensed by the state in which he or

    she practices, to use of this device.

    Z TEK™ is intended to be used by clinicians in symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain. Also, for post traumatic and post surgical pain relief.

    Electrical nerve stimulation dates back to thousands of years BC. The therapeutic use of electric eels and torpedo fish for local analgesia effect was first described by Scribonius Lorgus in 46 AD.

    Biologically, the output waveform of Z TEK resembles the portion of an axion action potential during its initial depolarization up until the time of its relative refractory period. Although the frequency and amplitude of Z TEK are different, the picture of the output waveform looks very similar to the natural axion action potential waveform. However no DC level is allowed in the output of a nerve stimulator which is mandated by the FDA. Since an axion cell membrane has a resting potential of approximately 70 millivolts, this would be a point of difference in the above comparison.

    Z TEK produces an electrical exponentially decaying impulse pulse type waveform controllable in both frequency and amplitude with two channels available. The output of energy transfer to patients is described in the specification section and is referred to as microcoulombs. The term microcoulomb refers to the amount of energy available in the output waveform of each channel of Z TEK and relates the output energy of nerve stimulators to the application of electrical induction of analgesic effects to the human body.

    Z TEK gives its users the greatest control and degree of power output available to effect the maximum control and management of pain in the broadest spectrum of patient requirements.

    Z TEK will allow you to effectively reduce chronic and acute pain in your management of one of the most critical aspects of patient health care. Patients that use Z TEK avoid the risk of possible adverse effects of different drug therapies, and the uncomfortable and sometimes crippling, over-medicated effect is avoide


    Z Tech Nerve Stimulator - 2 pad unit

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