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Muscle Tesing - Commander Algometer

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Commander Algometer

How do you document pain?

Introducing fast, accurate, objective pain and pressure documentation with Tracker Freedom Wireless Algometry.

Tracker Freedom AlgometerTracker Freedom Algometer provides you with a vital new tool for evaluating pain and neuromuscular conditions, creating medicolegal documentation, proving medical necessity for care and tracking response to care.

Why Wireless Algometry Testing? 
Tracker Freedom Wireless Algometer system offer many advantages over traditional hands on algometry, stand-alone dynamometers and cable-connected computerized systems.

  • Gives you the freedom to position the patient and orient the instrument without dragging cords
  • Allows you to arrange the exam area to meet your needs, instead of accommodating the testing system
  • Makes documentation and the entire testing process more efficient by automatically collecting data
  • Costs less than many cable-connected systems

Efficient Pain Response Documentation 
Tracker Freedom AlgometryTracker Freedom Algometry systems save time during tests by automatically collecting data from standardized, peer-reviewed test protocols. Tracker Version 5 Algometry software's unique visual "pacer" helps you control the rate of pressure application, so you follow established protocols and get more useful, reliable data for comparison to published norms. The Algometry module also provides an option that allows the patient to control the end of the test using the enter switch, which helps increase objectivity and overall test reliability.

Once your testing is complete, Tracker Version 5 Software gives you the ability to produce both data and narrative reports for algometry tests in an instant. For serial testing to track progress over time, Tracker Version 5 Software produces progress reports with bar graphs and text illustrating the percent of change.

Key System Features 

  • Built-in American College of Rheumatology fibromyalgia testing protocols
  • Innovative pressure pacer to conform with published research
  • Test "enter" switch for greater objectivity
  • Auto report generation
  • Integrates with other Tracker devices
  • Research proven instrument reliability
  • Referenced pressure threshold norms
  • Helps establish medical necessity for treatment
  • Tracks and documents efficacy of treatment

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