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Lloyd 402 Flexion Elevation-Tilt Head- Breakaway Chest

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Lloyd Table 402 Flexion Elevation

Hydraulically Controlled Elevation Table
Standard Features
  • Hydraulically controlled Elevation
  • Tilting headpiece with add-on paper attachment
  • One piece adjustable chest
  • Manual Flexion Distraction
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)
  • Powered axial extension & retraction of pelvic section
  • Lateral bending
  • Ankle Straps

Optional Features:
  • Lloyd's superior designed auto and manual cocking drops
  • Manual & Automatic drop Ankle
  • Electronic Height Adjustment(EHA)
  • Automatic Pelvic Flexion Distraction
  • Auto Axial Distraction
  • Pelvic rotation
  • Total Dimension Flexion Headpiece
  • Grab Bar
  • Rotating chest lumbar with breakaway
  • Retractable flexion T-BAR
  • Angled T-Bar
  • Snap-on Covers

 The revolutionary 402 Flexion-Elevation Table has risen to the challenge of the most exacting doctor. It offers a more effective and comfortable way of adjusting, eliminating the pain and strain of your back as well as that of your patients. Fatigue is not a factor when using this new hydraulic flexion-distraction table. Hydraulic control provides more constant resistance through the flexion range, regardless of the patient's size and weight. The 402 Flexion-Elevation features an incredible height range from 19.5" to 39" in 10 seconds and 24 degrees of flexion.


402 Flexion Elevation Specifications
Height Range 19.5 inches to 39 inches
Length Extended 73 inches
Length Retracted 62 inches
Cushion Width

21 inches

Table Width 22 inches
Shipping Weight 300 lbs
Table Weight 240 lbs



Lloyds drop design allows the amount of force applied to be equal, weather that force is applied on the right, left or center of the pelvic cushion, making them superior to other drops on the market. The automatic cocking drops are built into the table with controls on each side and can be set manually in the event of electric failure. No air compressor is required. A specially designed spring release on drop chest and lumbar and flexion T-BAR that retracts downward or sideways are optional. Optional manual and automatic drops are available on an optional rotating chest lumbar section.



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