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Zenith III 210 Hylo Table

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Zenith 210 Hylo table
Allow 8 to 12 weeks for MFG to custom Build
370.00 LBS
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  • Zenith 210 Hylo Table
  • Zenith 210 Hylo Table
  • Zenith 210 Hylo Table
  • Zenith III 210 Hylo Table
  • Zenith 210 Hylo Table
  • Zenith 210 Hylo Table
  • Zenith 210 Hylo Table
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Zenith Chiropractic Table no PD

Zenith III 210 Hylo Table

The Zenith III 210 Hylo Table is designed to fit you patients and your treatment needs. This Zenith III 210 Hylo Table has anatomically correct cushions to support patient comfortably for relaxation and better results. You will feel the difference at the end of the day, and your patients will request the Zenith III 210 Hylo Table for their next treatment.


This Zenith III 210 Hylo Table does NOT include the Optional Pelvic Drop in Price show



Zenith 210 III Hylo Table Standard Features

  • Tilt Headpiece
  • Face Paper Toweling & Toweling
  • Soft Hinged Dorsal
  • Swing away Abdominal- Adjustable Tension
  • Slide & Crank Pelvic
  • Adjustable Front Section
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest Cushion
  • Dual foot switches for easy access up, down, and stop
  • Front mounted up, down, and stop switches
  • Heritage Upholstery in a variety of colors
  • Base colors available in many coordinating colors
  • Table Length 89
  • Table Height 22, 24, 26, or 28"
  • Table Width 24
  • Cushion Width 18
  • Table Weight 370 lbs. depending on options



Zenith Chiropractic Table History


Zenith Chiropractic Table have evolved over the years with chiropractic.The first Zenith Chiropractic Table was the Zenith Spring load table,it used large springs to lift the patient.The Zenith Chiropractic Table used a shift system similar to a cars gear shift to pickup springs to lift more weight.The tables worked much like a catapult,LOL maybe to much in some cases.Many times in the first models the children in the room would accidentally step on the releasing launching the parent into the wall,doorway or window.Because of this defect ,This table has been outlawed for use in today's chiropractic office.Malpractice insurance also does not cover any Zenith spring load Chiropractic Table, unless they have been converted or locked down permanently.
The next generation of the Zenith Chiropractic Table was the worm gear. This Zenith Chiropractic Table used a long screw drive and a leather brake to keep the table in the upright position.It was also the first of the electric motor lift tables for the Zenith Chiropractic Tables.This table also was not a very safe table because he worm gear on the Zenith Chiropractic Table was left open and clothing could easily be tangled into the table.The are still many a worm gear driven tables in use in chiropractic office today.Parts are NOT available for these models any more.The internal leather brake on this Zenith Chiropractic Table once wore down will allow to table to fall back to the lowered position.This Zenith Chiropractic Table is not a good investment unless you are looking for a cheap but very heavy stationary table.
The Next age of the Zenith Chiropractic Table was the electric motor and hydraulic pump driven tables.This version of chiropractic table has been tried and is still very similar to today's Zenith Chiropractic Table.The first version used a porcelain base like a old bath tub,these bases were very expensive to produce as in the porcelain process.Zenith Chiropractic Tables soon went to a painted white base with chrome upper tube to reduce the cost of MFG process.The first economy line Zenith Chiropractic Table were the gray base and gray painted tube models.

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