2" X 2" Square Electrodes/ Qty of 4 Pads per pack

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Electrode Pad 2" X 2"  Square Electrodes/ Qty of 4 Pads  per pack

Economy White Foam Electrode Pad.
Very Popular

2" x 2" square  Multi Use
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Electrode Pad


TENSELECTRODE Pad and EMS ELECTRODE Pad - These are some of our standard premium SELF-ADHESIVE and REUSABLE Replacement electrodes for TENS/EMS units,most and come in packs of 4. They are cloth backed and have a single 0.08" female pin style connector. These electrodes will work with all of our EMS and TENS units and most other manufacturer's EMS and TENS models. These self-adhesive pads do not need extra conductive gel. The Rubber non-adhesive electrode pads will require a conductive gel for use.For best results, it is recommended that you replace the electrodes as soon as the conductive gel starts to wear down. This will generally occur anywhere from 10-30 uses (depending on use). You can increase the lifespan of your electrodes by keeping them in the air tight package when not in use, cleaning your skin prior to putting the pads on your skin and rubbing a small drop of water on the electrode pad after each use. Opened or used electrodes can not be returned for a refund. For Extended use and treatment times over 30 minutes per session, we recommend that you purchase the Premium Deluxe Electrode Pads.We have all shapes and diffrents sizes of electrode pads to fit any budget.


Instructions for Application:

  1. Handle the package carefully when opening to insure that the electrodes are not damaged.
  2. Thoroughly cleanse the application site to remove dirt, lotion, etc. Dry application site completely. Apply only to unbroken skin.
  3. Remove the electrodes from the package saving the bag and liner for storage.
  4. Apply electrodes to the treatment site by firmly pressing down the center of the pad and then smoothing the electrodes from the center to the edges.
  5. With the unit turned off, insert the lead wires into the electrodes.

Instructions for Removal and Storage:

  1. Once treatment is completed, turn the unit off.
  2. Disconnect the lead wires from the electrodes.
  3. Peel the electrodes gently from the skin. NEVER pull on the lead wires.
  4. Replace the electrodes on the liner card and store them in the lock-seal bag at room temperature.
  5. The number of uses depends upon gentleness of handling, cleanliness of the skin, length of time between uses, proper storage and age of the electrodes.
  6. To prolong the life of your electrodes and renew their adhesive properties, spread a few drops of water over the entire sticky surface with your fingertip prior to each use. Allow 30 seconds drying time before applying to the application site.


    The electrodes should be replaced when they fail to regain their adhesive quality or the stimulation intensity changes.

    Discontinue use if any irritation develops or adverse effects occur.

    For best therapy results, it is recommended that your electrodes

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    For best therapy results, it is recommended that your electrodesare replaced after the conductive gel starts to wear down. This occurs after 10-15 uses per pad, depending on the length of the use. Electroddeslife-span and effectiveness can be enhanced by rubbing a small drop of water on the pad after use. Always keep your pads in the air tight package directly after use.

    Our electrode pads are the most comfortable, effective, and longest-lasting out there. And our Discounted Electrodes are a great value. The more you buy ,the more you save.We give you these top-quality products at an unbeatable price.

    • Low profile design with tan band-aid type backing gives this electrode"strength ability" and memory over repeated use.
    • The carbon/silverelectrode film provides uniform current distribution and lower impedance levels for more comfortable stimulation.
    • An innovative polymer assures improved adhesion and durability for longer lasting life electrode.
    • Please feel free to use our Electrode Placement chart for reference.Electrode Placements are to be confirmed
      by your Doctor or Therapist.


    Electrotherapy Glossary
    TENS (TNS, TES): Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. (Used for pain control.)

    NMS (FES, NMES, EMS, Muscle Stim): Neuromuscular Stimulation (used for muscle re-ed, prevention of disuse atrophy, range of motion). NOTE: FES or Functional Electrical Stim is similar.

    MICROCURRENT (Microamperage, MENS): Uses low output wide pulse width. Output current is usually less than 600 microamps. Indications of success are largely anecdotal.

    AMPLITUDE (Intensity): The level of output current produced by a unit. Typically given in milliamperes peak (thousandths of an ampere < mA > ). Constant current unit's voltage varies to deliver required current to electrodes.

    PULSE DURATION (Pulse Width): The measure of time duration of a pulse. Usually indicated in microseconds (millionths of a second < sec. > ).

    FREQUENCY (Rate): The fequency of a signal in pulses per second (Hertz or Hz.).

    MICROCOULOMB: The total energy in a pulse. Typically the amplitude (mA) x the width (sec.).

    MODULATION MODE: Automatic cyclic change in waveform parameters (frequency, pulse duration, and/or amplitude) designed to prevent accommodation.

    BURST MODE: A series of higher frequency pulses delivered in bursts at a low rate. Designed for patient comfort and is sometimes substituted for acupuncture-like TENS.

    STRENGTH DURATION MODE: Utilizes a stimulation signal which tracks the Strength Duration (SD) curve. The SD curve is a family of curves -- on for each nerve type which relates the nerve firing threshold to the amplitude and pulse width of the stimulating signal.

    WAVEFORM: A pictorial representation of stimulation signal as seen on an oscilloscope. Usually seen as amplitude (current) vs time (sec).

    DUTY CYCLE (Control found on NMS units): Stimulation ON-OFF times to maximize muscle contraction and minimize fatigue.

    RISE TIMES/DECAY TIMES (Control found on NMS units): Ramps amplitude of stimulation current, both up and down, to improve user comfort and thus encourage compliance.

    FARADIC CURRENT: Alternating current (A/C) biphasic current designed to deliver no DC current to the patient's body. Used for pain control and NMS.

    GALVANIC STIMULATION: Direct (DC) or monophasic current which delivers electrical energy (net DC) to the patient's body. May be delivered in pulsed form. Mainly used for edema reduction and and increasing or decreasing circulation in a specific site on the body.



























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