Erchonia Flex Stand

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Erchonia Flex Stand
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Erchonia Flex Stand

The Flex Stand is designed to provide the doctor a hands free environment while working with any of Erchonia's lasers. Instead of the Doctor having to hold the laser in place on any treatment point the flex stand does it for you, it's like having an assistant that never calls in sick. The Flex stand provides a plate in which the laser is highly accessible and a flexible arm which can hold the probe in any position, while the doctor can continue working. Constructed upon six casters, its lightweight tripod design makes it portable as well as extremely stable. Each Flex stand is subjected to a thorough Quality Assurance inspection in order to ensure that you receive the highest quality product.
Flexible Arm Stand

The Erchonia Flex Arm Stand is designed to provide the Doctor with a hands-free environment that is stable, completely adjustable, and which enables the Doctor to position the laser at the point of treatment, accurately and intuitively.(Click each picture for an enlarged view.)

The laser mounting plate is specfically designed to accomodate any of Erchonia Medical's PL series of lasers, holding them securely and conveniently positioned for easy access and adjustment.

The flexible arm of the stand enables the Doctor to bend or twist the laser head to virtually any position to obtain optimum results.

The "arm" is easily positioned to accurately target the treatment area, while the six-caster, tripod base can be repositioned with one hand and then locked securely in place. The Erchonia Flex Arm Stand is a mechanical assistant that never calls in sick and does exactly what you want every time.


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