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DUE TO the LARGE Size of our used chiropractic table,used chiropractic table Inventory,

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Used Chiropractic table 

The advantages of buying used chiropractic tables

Although owning a brand-new chiropractic table is nice, there are many reasons to buy a good used table rather than a new table.

Used tables cost less to own and maintain




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A Chiropractor buying a used table will reduce your ownership and operating expenses by about 50 percent. Perhaps the best proof that purchasing a used chiropractic table will save you money is the fact that, currently the average age of chiropractic tables in use in the United States is nine years. And if that's not enough to sway you to buy used, consider the following tidbits of financial fodder:

  • You can keep a well-made chiropractic table running beautifully for a lot less than you'd spend on new-table payments, fees, and premiums.Financing is even available for almost all used tables also.
  • In addition to the fact that a new table can depreciate 30 percent to 40 percent in only two years, buying or leasing a new chiropractic can continue to cost you several hundred dollars a month for an average of three to five years.Why not buy a used chiropractic table and let some other hotshot take the loss?
  • The initial price for a used tables is usually 40% to 50% less than a new table.You still can
  • When you buy a used table from us it has been fully refurbished and comes with a one-year parts warranty.Your used chiropractic table also comes with color selections and different materials from vinyl,heritage or even leather.
  • All used tables that have Hylo,Elevation or even Hylo & Elevation qualify for the Handicap access act credit

If you can not find the used chiropractic table you are looking for please call us 256 245 8390 or email us at


Chiropractic Table questions or If  you just Don't feel comfortable giving your CC info online call us at 1-256-245-8390 to order today! 

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