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Silent air compressor oil

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 Silent air compressor oil
List Price: $39.99
Discounted Price: $34.99
You Save: $5.00 (13 %)
Item Number: Silent air compressor oil
Manufacturer: Silentaire Compressors
Manufacturer Part No: Silent air compressor oil

Silent Air Compressor oil - 24 oz

Synthetic Oil For Your Silent Air Compressor


Use The "Right Oil"

Silent air compressors need the "right oil" to operate at maximum efficiency and maintain optimum life expectancy of 5,000 hours. Silent air compressor oil is a carefully selected, high-quality blend of synthetic oils designed for maximum compressor performance and long life expectancy. It leaves no carbon deposits or build-up and has no odor unlike other oils.

Look at the difference between the reed valve on the left versus the one on the right (see photos). The left one is pitted and corroded with carbon deposits because an inferior oil was used. The right one is like new because Silent air compressor oil was used.

To purchase the silent air compressor oil, call 256-245-8390or order online

NOTE: The reed valve is one of the most important components in a silent compressor. The reed valve controls the intake of air from the atmosphere to be compressed. This valve needs to be maintained properly, otherwise costly repairs will result. So remember to check your sight-glass daily for the proper oil level (slightly above half-full) as well as the oil color. Oil will appear "milky" if contaminated with water or brown if oil has been subjected to frequent, high operating temperatures.

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