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    The Nervo-Scope is used and respected for its efficient, informative and accurate results. These instruments are the most sensitive temperature measurement products available today. All of the competitive products compare themselves to the Nervo-Scope because, after 50 years, it still sets the standard for accurate and reliable results.         

  Used and trusted by thousands of chiropractors, Nervo-Scope has proven to be extremely valuable in patient assessment, reliably detecting and measuring minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine.Nervo-Scope can be used comfortably and reliably for both pre and post adjustment assessment enabling the capability to produce information as used by the most successful clinics, universities and colleges. The electronic circuits in these instruments amplify the temperature differentials which are viewed with a large meter scale with a fluorescent pointer, thus making even the smallest temperature changes easy to see.

The Analagraph Recorder, when used in conjunction with the Nervo-Scope ETS-7 or ETS-8, provides a permanent record to log and chart the amount of existing heat differences indicated from your Nervo-Scope readings. The Analagraph Recorder is a valuable and efficient tool in documenting patient assessments and providing a pattern reference for pre and post check of patients. This information indicates any change of reading, thus establishing a pattern which may assist in determining the frequency of adjustments.

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Nervo-Scope Carrying Case
List Price: $52.99
Discounted Price: $36.99
You Save: $16.00 (30 %)
Nervo-Scope Carrying Case
Nervo-Scope Carrying Case
Nervo-Scope ETS-9
List Price: $999.00
Discounted Price: $850.00
You Save: $149.00 (15 %)
Nervo-Scope ETS-9
Nervo-Scope ETS-9
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