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Scanvision by MyoVision

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List Price: $6,495.00
Discounted Price: $6,395.00
You Save: $100.00 (2 %)
Item Number: scanvision
Manufacturer: Myovision
Manufacturer Part No: scanvision

Scanvision by MyoVision


MyoVision The Best?

MyoVision's ScanVision unique modular design allows the doctor to select and configure the system to meet his or her precise requirements. Each unit is an independent module allowing implementation of only the components each office requires.

Voice Prompts: Although MyoVision ScanVision was designed with Voice Prompts specifically for a doctor in California who was blind, Doctors report that our soothing, comforting voice prompts remind patients of "2001: A Space Odyssey", and truly bolster your image as the "Doctor of the Future". Listen by clicking on a few of the voice prompts below. The MyoVision Software prompts the user for most major functions, including prompting you with each level of the spine to touch the probes based upon the MyoVision Design Philosophy: Optimal Design Means Maximal Ease of Use.





ScanVision Description

Adaptive, Static Scanning 5-Electrode 3G Wirefree™ Technology allows measurement of two levels instead of one. Half the time, double the patient load.

ScanVision Benefits

  • The Multi-electrode  ScanVision arrangement measures two levels simultaneously, cuts test time in half. Saves time, saves money.
  • The ScanVision has Ball & Socket Electrodes that  rotate to make proper skin contact regardless of curve of body.
  • The  ScanVision 's Adaptive center spring-mounted ground expands and contracts to measure in concave and convex regions flawlessly.
  • Wirefree technology allowsthe ScanVision  maximum ease of use, allows you to walk into the crowd at screenings. Reduces in-office clutter.
  • The ScanVision's Patent-applied-for adaptive spring-mounted ground electrode automatically adjusts to body’s contours.
  • The ScanVision works on concave and convex areas. Flawlessly allows upper and lower electrodes to measure simultaneously for more relevant clinical “snapshot” of region.

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Tomorrow's Technology Today: Using revolutionary computer technology, we can detect minor problems now before they become big ones tomorrow. The InsightSystem is a series of computer tests to assess spinal function and health. It can accurately detect and document problems with the muscles, nerves and joints to prove your injury and document your progress in color! The graphic below depicts a patient with severe muscle spasms detected by the MYOVISION InsightSystem Surface EMG test protocol.


"What is a MYOVISION 'Surface EMG' test?"
A Surface EMG test is similar to an "EKG" for the heart. It uses hand held electrodes that are placed over the muscles of the neck and back to identify the exact location of abnormal muscle activity. The benefit of this test is that it is painless, quick and most importantly, it helps us determine what further evaluations or tests may or may not be necessary! Discover how you "measure up" to normal! The Patient will get to take a copy of thier neck and back "Picture" home with them! It is the ultimate referal tool.

MYOVISION Key Benefits

bullet Designed to perform standing neutral tests, using a button press probe to gather data.
bullet Comprehensive 3 year warranty covers all components with exception of user serviceable parts such as electrodes and cables.
bullet Expect 5-10 more new patients from screenings.
bullet Simple, fast and accurate due to 13 years of continued R&D which has perfected MyoVision's signal processing scheme.
bullet Known for clear, clean graphics and simple to understand reports, allows patients to quickly get the point.
bullet Allows you to quickly assess the muscle-tension state of the patient, without requiring exercise or strenuous activity which may be harmful.

MYOVISION Surface Electromyography (SEMG)


Surface electromyography (SEMG) is a non-invasive procedure involving the detection, recording and interpretation of the electric activity of groups of muscles at rest and during activity. The procedure is performed using a single or an array of electrodes placed on the skin surface over the muscles to be tested. Recording can also be made using a hand-held device, which is applied to the skin surface at different sites. Electrical activity is assessed by computer analysis of the frequency spectrum, amplitude, or root mean square of the electrical action potential. Needle electromyography is an invasive procedure that records the electrical activity of individual muscles and is considered a more reliable technology.

Surface electromyography is occasionally used as an aid to diagnose neuromuscular disorders, determine the need for surgery in individuals with low back pain, and assist in evaluating the prognosis of disorders involving muscle lesions. The technology has also been utilized to monitor the effects of rehabilitation programs and evaluate muscular function in occupational and sports programs



ICD-9 Code 781, Symptoms Involving Nervous and Musculoskeletal Systems

781.92 Abnormal Posture

CPT Codes

Codes that apply (usually, this Report must be given on a different day
than the X-ray Report of Findings to justify a separate billing):

1) EM Counseling: 99211-25 (5 min) = Report of Findings = service
doc-patient face to face counseling; (in Nevada, the relative value unit
is RVU = 0.59) = [Discussion with patient about one of more of "Diagnostic
Results, Impressions, Prognosis, Risks/Benefits of management,
instructions for management, and or follow-up]. The modifier -25 means that this code
is a separate service, i.e. a Report of findings. So if the DC went through
the Postural Report and then showed them the exercises, it would be
an approximate 15 minute service.

2) Depending on the time used to explain their posture and exercises, there are increasing RVU amounts possible:

(a) 99212-25 (10 min) = "; (RVU = 1.03)

(b) 99213-25 (15 min) = ", (RVU = 1.42)

(c) 99214-25 (20 min)

(d) 99215-25 (25 min).

3) Code 97750 Physical performance test or measurement complete
with written Report (relative value unit = 0.77). For examples in Nevada,
from low-medium-better, one unit is $56USA; for 99213, we have $56 x 1.42 =
$79.52....and for 97750, we get $56 x 0.77 = $43.12.

Additionally, it appears that:

1) A DC could bill for both codes:

a. 99212 + 97750 = $57.68 + $43.12 = $100.80 OR

b. 99213 + 97750 = $79.52 + $43.12 = $122.64.

2) A DC could bill for both codes because 97750 is posture
evaluation with written report and one of the 9921-* is a face to face report of finding.

3) There is also a code for analysis of information stored in a computer, 99090, average charge is $10

DISCLAIMER: The above information is for reference only. No claim of reimbursement is made or implied.

Surface EMG Rights Restored to Florida DCs

On Jan. 25, 2005, Judge Diane Cleavinger handed down a decision in the case of Richard W. Merritt, DC vs. State of Florida, Department of Health (DOH), heard in a Tallahassee court in July 2004. The case overturned a January 2004 Florida statute that listed surface electromyography (sEMG) as "not medically necessary" as a diagnostic method for evaluating injured persons when subject to reimbursement through personal-injury protection (PIP) insurance, a mandatory coverage under the state's vehicle no-fault insurance law. The impact of this statute on chiropractors throughout Florida caused Dr. Richard Merritt, a Lakeland, Fla., chiropractor, to take action and challenge the ruling. As legal strategies intensified, Dr. Merritt called on David Marcarian of Myovision, a company that provides surface EMG to the chiropractic profession.

"We reached out for help from Marcarian, and others who appear to specialize in sEMG, and the only one up for the challenge was Marcarian," said Dr. Merritt. "I for one am glad [that], as it turns out, that Marcarian's testimony was extremely powerful in court. We also found out that some of the other sEMG companies were actually a large part of the problem by promoting improper use of the technology."

The heated trial lasted two days. Dr. Merritt and Mr. Marcarian were the only ones to testify against the State. The long list of "intervenors" for the State included some of Florida's largest insurers:

  • The Florida Insurance Council, Inc.
  • The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America
  • The American Insurance Association
  • The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • The Florida Automobile Insurance Company
  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • Government Employees Insurance Company
  • The Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
  • First Floridian Auto and Home Insurance Company
  • United Services Automobile Association

This group of insurance organizations joined the Florida DOH in defending the State's decision regarding the medical necessity of surface EMG. The DOH relied upon four expert witnesses, including an MD/PhD with expertise in electrodiagnostic medicine.

Judge Cleavinger's decision was an unprecedented 47 pages long. She found that surface EMG had demonstrated medical value, a level of general acceptance, and was not entirely dependent on subjective patient response. Her findings were based primarily on published studies and journal articles, the Chiropractic Practice Guidelines and Parameters for the State of Florida, and the inclusion of surface EMG in the CPT codes.



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Product Reviews

(3 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
ScanVision by MyoVision
Melinda Maxwell (Seattle, WA) 4/12/2011 1:31 PM
I have been a MyoVision user since 1998 and I couldn't imagine practicing without one now. I use it at screenings everywhere, from work places to the Women's show. I have used my M8000 for over a decade at screenings and in the office and it has served me well. Now that our office is moving to Windows 7 we are ready to upgrade to the 3G Wirefree ScanVisions shown above. I have used them on a couple different occasions and am so happy to get rid of all the wires and simplify our screening packing list. I also love that with double the electrodes, the scans take half the time. MyoVision moved to the next generation of technology with this new line and I love it
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