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LifeStrength Wristband

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Discounted Price: $29.98
Item Number: lifeband
Manufacturer: Access Equipment Corp.
Manufacturer Part No: lifeband


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Edge Series

Blue LifeStrength Balance Bracelet
Details | FAQ'S
• Ion Infused Silicone
• Genuine authentic mylar hologram
• Reversible
• Water Proof
• 24 Hour a day wearability
• Multiple color options
• Multiple sizes
Pink LifeStrength Balance Bracelet
Who it Helps
LifeStrength products are worn by people in all walks of life. Some of the benefits people find from wearing a LifeStrength wristband include: improved flexibility, a greater range of motion, diminished pain, less emotional tension, and improved awareness. LifeStength products work to restore the body to its natural state and the positive effects are different for everybody.
Red LifeStrength Balance Bracelet
How it Works

Our modern world provides great convenience and security, but the same devices and structures we rely on are impacting our health. We are constantly exposed to the influence of electromagnetic signals, from the cell phones we carry to the wiring in our homes, this is not natural and our bodies feel it. At the same time our indoor environments are sealed so tight for energy efficiency they lose the ability to “breathe” or refresh themselves on a natural level and we are surrounded by dust and other contaminants like emissions from synthetic building materials. LifeStrength products work to counter the effect of these unnatural influences in some of the same ways natural environments find balance and renewal. LifeStrength wristbands are created with specific minerals that effectively improve the environment around them. We’d like to say we created this solution, but truth is, it’s been around forever.

LifeStrength is not just worn, but lived. Our products were created to provide the missing elements of a full life.

LifeStrength products work through our exclusive engineering process, SYIONIC90. There are two characteristics that make Syionic90 unique, which in turn provide the unmatched performance of our products.

First, through extensive research we have discovered specific minerals that work uniquely together to specifically address the environmental stressors we face.

Secondly, through a revolutionary manufacturing process these minerals are infused into our wristband polymer while maintaining their beneficial characteristics. This is only possible through the use of high quality materials. Through the implementation of Syionic90, our wristbands can be worn in virtually any condition or climate without effecting performance.

People everywhere are discovering the benefits of LifeStrength. Our products are not a medicine or drug and we can’t make claims for specific conditions that can be treated with our products because we have not conducted individual studies for the hundreds of ailments people wear our band to help overcome. LifeStrength products don’t provide anything extra, they provide what’s missing. If you feel something is missing in the function of your mind or body, find it with LifeStrength.
Purple LifeStrength Balance Bracelet

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