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Gambale Traction chair, Traction Chair,Posture Recurver Chair

Gambale Traction chair, traction chair,Posture Recurver Chair ,Full Spine Curve Correction Device,Full Spine traction chair
The Posture Recurver Chair is a Full Spine Curve Correction Device.  This Recurver Chair enables you to exercise specific muscle groups and stretch the necessary ligaments to restore and maintain the normal natural curves .  Formerly know as the Gamable traction chair.This traction chair has been upgraded to the Full Spine Traction chair.The new Light design is easy to assemble and move.The Posture ReCurver Chair is also esy to use and patient friendly.Bulk Discount on the Posture ReCurver Chair starts at 3 Chairs. You can also get a extra discounton the Posture ReCurver Chair when purchased whith and ohter table on our sites...Call today 800 463 1381

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