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Balance Boards

  • Economy Wobble and Rocker Boards

    Economy Wobble and Rocker Boards Rocker Boards measures 15"x18" with a different fulcrum for different levels of ability.Wobble Board measures 14" in diameter with a different wobble ball for different levels of ability. Nonskid Surface.

    MSRP: $89.99
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  • Balance Board

    Classic Balance Board Intermediate Tri-Level 16" Plastic Disc w/ 2 Angles 14 degrees & 17 Degrees For Beginners,Seniors & Intermediate-Level Users Larger Board...

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  • Cando Balance Disc

    Cando Balance Disc Promotes upright posture, improves balance and is ideal support for the squat position. Can be used for standing balance as well. Inflates using a regular basketball needle and...

    MSRP: $47.95
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  • Chango Balance Paws

    Chango Balance Paws Chango Balance Paws can be attached to feet and used while walking or standing for balance and proprioceptive training. Attach them to hands for strengthening of shoulder and back musculature while...

    MSRP: $68.95
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    CHANGO R4 ROCKER & WOBBLE BOARD Two boards in one! Balance on 3 or 4 center ball and its a wobble board. Remove center ball and balance on the 2 fixed wooden balls and its a rocker board Lower extremity and back rehab Interaction with the...

    MSRP: $110.00
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  • FitBALL Deluxe Balance Board

    FitBALL Deluxe Balance BoardProgram) Board   Extra-large 19.5 x 27 surface has plenty of room for wide-stance functional training with 6 slots around the edges for use with your...

    MSRP: $129.99
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  • Fitter Combobble Board

    Fitter Combobble Board A dynamic board offering more challenge and fun to your FUNctional balance training. Great for challenging squats, 180° turns and other higher level moves. At 24" wide, this product is well suited for even...

    MSRP: $129.99
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  • Fitter Combo Board

    Fitter Combo Board Three different fulcrums at 6°, 9°, and 12° make the wooded board a single-plane rocker with varying degrees of difficulty. Two multi-directional fulcrums at 10° (one square and one round) provide a greater challenge...

    MSRP: $139.99
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  • AirBAPS Balance Board

    AirBAPS Balance Board The 20" board has a single, movable pivot point, correctly placed for users to receive all of the biomechanical advantages of the original BAPS® board. The uniqueness of the...

    MSRP: $595.00
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