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Erchonia Laser Therapy Equipment

Erchonia Laser

Erchonia laser continues to advance its laser by relentlessly pursuing excellence .In order to satisfy both internal standards as well as doctor and patient expectations. Their entire company is dedicated living and practicing our Quality Policy as a matter of "standard operating procedure." This type of quality control policy is hard to find in todays world of exporting to make the bottom line cheaper.Thats why the Erchonia laser is the Leader and was the first to get FDA approval!Erchonia Laser is a low level lasers and  are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. at the Erchonia Medical manufacturing facility in Mesa, AZ. Erchonia Medical Lasers made history on January 17, 2002 by being the first Low Level Laser manufacturer to be given marketing clearance as Adjunctive Use in Pain Therapy for the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain.Low level laser therapy by Erchonia Medical, Inc, is the use of low level lasers for multiple procedures from liposucition, to pain managment. The Erchonia Medical's  low level laser was the first FDA approved low level laser given market clearance approval. Erchonia Medical manufactures several Erchonia  low level lasers for use by practitioners in low level laser therapy applications including but no limited to pre and post operative cosmetic surgery procedures, where the low level laser is used prior to liposuction to increase the efficiency of the procedure and for healing acceleration after the procedure. Low level laser therapy has been proven to be effective in accelerating healing for burns and wounds, significantly reducing the time required to heal. Low level laser therapy is also being widely used as an effective pain management tool, to relieve pain and to treat sprains, join pain, and other injuries.

erchonia adjustor
The Erchonia Adjuster Deluxe Package Variable speed is a hand-held mechanical adjustment device, sent complete - with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.
Erchonia derma Laser,Erchonia Acne Laser
Erchonia derma Laser,Erchonia Acne Laser
erchonia percussor
The Erchonia Percussor is a portable, self-contained unit, designed for ease of use with a unique "Galvanic Wave" action head that provides comfort to the patient receiving percussion as well as more control to the Doctor providing the treatment.
Liposuction Laser
Liposuction Laser
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Erchonia Flex Stand
Erchonia Flex Stand
List Price: $699.00
Discounted Price: $599.00
You Save: $100.00 (14 %)
Erchonia Flex Stand
Erchonia Flex Stand
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