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Electrotherapy Units & Supplies


The small electric pulses can release the over strained muscles nerves, improves the peripheral blood circulation, increase the density of red corpuscles and produce endorphins to chtrol pain, thus massage internal organs to function normally.

   We offer a wide range of electrotherapy, including, self-adhering electrodes, jelly, ultrasound conductivity get pads, electrode & tens wirs, health mattress, digital memory, etc. For more products information, please contact us!

The supplies we carry include:

  • Electrotherapy Units- We carry both clinical electrotherapy unts and portable tens,inf,ems electrotherapy units.
  • Electrodes - A conductive pad applied to the patient's skin during electrotherapy.
  • Lead wires - Connect the electrode to the device. The electrical impulse passes from the device through the lead wire and is then dispersed to the patient through the electrode.
  • Batteries - Provide the electrical output in TENS and NMES devices.
  • Skin care products - Play a vital role in maintaining healthy skin during electrotherapy.
  • All  TENS and NMES supplies and accessories offer superior quality and compatibility and performance with electrotherapy devices .

    CAUTION: Federal law (USA) restricts some sale of this device to  by or on order of a physician.

  • Cables
    Electrotherapy Unit Cables & Connectors
    Carts for Stim Units
    Stainless Steel Carts,Plastic Carts for Storage and Electrotherapy
    Combo Stim & Ultra Sound Units
    Combination Muscle Stim & Ultra Sound Units
    Metler Diathermy Units Diatherm,Autotherm,Metler Diathermy Units,Metler autotherm,mettler 206,dual head dythermy unit,magnatherm,magnatherm diathermy >
    Electrode pad
    electrode pad,electrode pads,cheap electrodes,durastick electrodes,eeg electrodes,electrical stimulation electrodes,electrodes,electrodes pads,emg electrodes,ems electrodes,galvanic,machine electrodes,medical electrodes,pals electrodes
    Electromedical systems
    Electromedical systems
    Gels,Lotions & Conductive Spray
    Gels,Lotions & Conductive Spray
    High Volt Muscle Stim  Units
    High Volt Muscle Stim Units
    Infrasound Units
    Infrasound Units
    Interferential Units
    Interferential Units
    Iontophoresis machine
    Iontophoresis machine
    Low Volt Muscle Stim Units
    Low Volt Muscle Stim Units
    Medium Frequency Units
    Medium Frequency Muscle Stim Units
    Russian Stim Units
    Russian Stim Units
    Surface EMG
    MyoVision M8000 Processor with Static Probes ,Titron Thermoglide,4 Channel DynaProbe Module,Computerized Dual Inclinometer,SEMG,EMG
    Ultra Sound Units
    Ultra Sound Units
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