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Activator II EZ GRIP with replacement tips

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List Price: $449.99
Discounted Price: $416.00
You Save: $33.99 (8 %)
Manufacturer: Activator Methods
Manufacturer Part No: ACTIVATOR II -EZ,activator 2,activator ii


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Activator II -EZ-GRIP  Combo includes 4 Replacement Tips


The ACTIVATOR II, activator 2  has research-supported high-speed, low force treatment for all areas of the spine, including extremities. Adjustable excursion for unsurpassed precision and control. A gentle and comfortable adjustment method from the ACTIVATOR II    for  pediatrics and geriatrics.
The activator 2 is the basic high-speed, low force activator instrument  that allows for treatment to all areas of the spine, including the extremities. The  activator 2 features adjustable excursion for unsurpassed precision and control. The Activator II, activator 2 is especially gentle and comfortable for small body frames.
The ACTIVATOR II, activator 2  has an easier-to-grip instrument that features less distance between the handle and finger grip to provide those with small hands increased comfort and less fatigue when adjusting.


 Activator 2 Optional Parts:

Keep your ACTIVATOR II by your side.The convienient genuine leather holstercomes with a clip toa belt,skirt or pants.Attractive design fits both men and women,fits all ACTIVATOR II instruments! Only optional color for ACTIVATOR II holster is black


ACTIVATOR  Palm Pad Add a new level of comfort to you ACTIVATOR instrument with the ACTIVATOR palm pad.Made of Durable silicone rubber this ACTIVATOR  palm pad has a high use life.It also has the ACTIVATOR  Methods branding molded into the pad.

ACTIVATOR Finger Pad Add a new level of comfort to you ACTIVATOR® instrument with the ACTIVATOR  finger pad.Made of Durable silicone rubber this ACTIVATOR finger pad has a high use life.



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