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Aqua Med -AM 100

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Aqua Med -AM 100
Discounted Price: $16,899.00
Item Number: AM 100
Manufacturer: AquaMed Hydrotherapy table
Manufacturer Part No: AM 100


Whether you call it Hydromassage, Aquamassage, Water Massage or Dry Hydrotherapy, there is no other company that can give you as many choices as Aquamed

Both our Classic 220 and Traditional 110 feature AquaMED's traveling jet system which allows you to set the exact location for your massage. Choose from a full body massage or select an area such as back or legs. If you want, you can even pin-point the exact location and freeze the jets to work on a specific trigger point or muscle spasm.

To further customize treatment sessions, both units have built in timers, 10 levels of pressure and three travel speeds. Temperature can be set from 85 to 105 degrees (F) and our heavy duty cooling systems make sure your unit will never overheat even if running 24 hours a day.

For more information, give us a call at 1-888-463-1381


Prescribed Therapy
• The AM 100s Personal Therapy ControlTM system allows for the highest level of Dry Hydrotherapy treatment customization. The physician may adjust the heat, pressure, duration, and target treatment settings to meet any patients prescription needs. 36 programs are available to treat common patient symptoms.

Water-through-Air technology
• With AquaMEDs Water-through-Air technology, treatment pressure remains constant from the time it leaves the jets until it reaches the user. In contrast, many other Dry Hydrotherapy systems use Water-through-Water technology, which significantly reduces treatment pressure and overall therapy effectiveness.

Traveling Jet System
• The AM 100 features a NavitracTM water release system. With computer controlled traveling jets and a Pause button, the AM100 gives the user the opportunity to focus treatment precisely on the area of need.

“Dry” Hydrotherapy
• VeraflexTM technology is the result of continuous effort to develop the most resilient and comfortable barrier between patient and water, which maximizes treatment value while keeping the patient dry. The unit is completely self-contained, eliminating any need for additional plumbing.

Pressure Control
• The AM 100 offers 10 pressure settings ranging from 2 pounds per square inch (low pressure) to 16 pounds per square inch (high pressure). Many other Dry Hydrotherapy models only provide 2 levels of pressure. A one-way massage option may be used for lymphatic drainage.

*Our products are listed as physical medicine therapeutic massage devices under the FDA 510 (k) program.
*The American Medical Association (AMA), recommends billing AquaMED under CPT code 97039 due to our combination of massage, heat and whirlpool.


• 89 ” long, 37 ” wide, and 24” high

• Weight approximately 250 lbs. without water, 370 lbs. with water

• No plumbing required with recycled 15 gallons of distilled water

• Temperature control from 92 to 105 F

• Requires 110-volt, 15-amp dedicated breaker, 14-gauge wire

• Tested to UL/CSA/CE electrical safety standards by ETL

• Listed with the FDA as a Class 1 medical device under 510-K program

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