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Anatomy Transparencies

 Anatomy Transparency Set

We have one deluxe Anatomy Transparency Set available . These Anatomy Transparency sets are Ideal for Anatomy teaching Model for students, patients, education by chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, Medical Schools.  Anatomy Transparency Set 820Set of 40 color overhead transparencies. Illustrations feature key callouts of each anatomical detail. 8" x 10" . Muscled Knee  Transparency model,Muscled Hip Transparency model , Muscled Vertebrae Transparency model ,Lumbar Vertebrae with Sacrum Transparency model , Muscled Shoulder Transparency model , Muscled Elbow Transparency model , Femur Bone Twins Transparency model, Half Lumbar Vertebrae Transparency model, Hand Transparency model,Foot Transparency model, Spinal Column with Pelvis Transparency model , Lumbar Vertebrae Degeneration Transparency model, Stomach  Transparency model, Ear Transparency model ,Heart Transparency model, Artery Transparency model ,Right Eye Transparency model ,sinus Transparency model, Prostate Transparency model,Lung Transparency model  (1)Liver/Gallbladder Transparency model,Kidney Transparency model, Rectum Transparency model, Left Breast Transparency model, Normal Skin Transparency model, Common Skin Acne Transparency model ,Skin Pathology  Transparency model .

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