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Lloyd Activator 906HS Hylo & Elevation Table

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ActivatorTable-900 Hylo &  Elevation Table
List Price: $9,999.00
Discounted Price: $9,799.00
You Save: $200.00 (2 %)
Item Number: 906
Manufacturer: Lloyd Chiropractic Table-Galaxy
Manufacturer Part No: Activator Table- 906 Hylo / Elevation Table


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Activator Hylo & Elevation Table



Activator  906HS



Designed for Doctors Utilizing the Activator Technique & to Alleviate Back strain and Doctor Fatigue.

Here is a table that offers a more effective and comfortable way of adjusting. An electronic height selector raises the table to any desired height from 18" to 38", virtually eliminating stooping and bending. Standard features include: Hylo, Elevation, Fold-in Foot Plate, Paper Tray, & Height Select.

The Height Selector allows the table to tilt down and elevate at the same time. The height range of elevation is 18" to 38". The push controls, along with the foot controls, put the doctor in complete control

Standard Features

  • 2" Raised Wedge at Foot End or Separate Ankle Rest
  • Gray Baked Urethane Powder Coated Frame
  • 26" Wide Cushions
  • 48" Long Face Opening


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